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Belly Fat Loss and a Slimmer Waistline
Spa-Quality Body Wraps for Men and Women

Get a Slimmer Waistline

Everyone wants a slimmer waistline but losing stubborn belly fat is a struggle for both men and women. WeightLoss-Solutions Waist Trimmer Body Wraps and Sauna Belts will help you lose belly fat, reduce inches, and get a slimmer waistline.

Body Shaper – Body Wraps

Slimming waist shaper body wraps, waist trimmer sauna belts, slimming gel, firming lotion, and belly fat burner, all developed to help you lose belly fat and get a slimmer waistline.

Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

WeightLoss-Solutions’ belly fat burning Body Wraps use a powerful combination of deep penetrating ingredients that are specially formulated to promote the breakdown of stubborn belly fat and stimulate the dissipation of toxins and excess water weight to help you lose belly fat fast.

Waist Trimmer

Body Wrap Kit

The Waist Trimmer - Body Wrap Kit

Kit includes: Sauna Belt, plus…

Lipo-Trim Seaweed Enriched - Body Wrap Treatment Gel

Includes: A Deluxe Sauna Belt, standard size plus…

Lipo-Trim Slimming Gel

Lose belly fat fast
Get up to 20 treatments per kit
Seaweed Enriched Formula Wrap

Promotes the breakdown of the belly fat and dissipation of stored toxins and water weight for belly fat loss and a slimmer waistline.

Easy to use:

Apply Lipo-Trim Slimming Gel to the stomach, love handles and waist line. Massage in. Tightly wrap the waist line in the plastic wrap. Put on the Sauna Belt and fasten snugly. Wear for one hour. Remove Wrap and wipe area with warm wash cloth. Use daily for the first 3 days then every 3rd day until you achieve desired results.

Only $39.95

Deluxe Waist Trimmer - Sauna Belts

Contoured fit, comfortably and flexible, adjusts to your shape & size. Our Sauna Belts are made of Heavy Neoprene, non-slip lining and Plush Fabric with Velcro latch. Holds in heat and increases circulation to flush toxins and excess water weight from belly fat, love handles, and back fat. Sauna Belts also provide Waist Trainer compression to help get a more contoured body, a slimmer waistline, and lose belly fat fast.

Three Sauna Belts sizes available:

Standard size - 8 inches wide - fits up to 45” waist.
Large size: 12 inches widefits up to 55” waist and hips
Sauna Belt 2-Pack sized for Thighs and Upper Arms

Get the Sauna Belts that are right for You

Three Amazing Body Wrap Treatment Solutions

To help you Lose Belly Fat Fast
and get a Slimmer Waistline

Body Wrap Slimming Gel

Powerful ingredients that promotes the breakdown of fat and dissipation of toxins and water weight to shrink fat cells for inch loss, fat reduction and a Slimmer Waistline.

$ 29.95

Firming Lotion

Firm, Tone and Tighten loose skin. restore skin elasticity and repair and soften connective tissues binding fat cells. Reduce stretch marks. Promotes Cellulite Reduction.

$ 29.95

Fat Burning Accelerator

Deep penetrating hot action gel. Specially formulated to increase micro circulation and promote belly fat loss, inch loss, and the breakdown and reduction of stubborn bell fat.

$ 39.95

A Slimmer and Healthier You...

We want to help you look & feel your very best

WeightLoss-Solutions Body Wraps are specially formulated to help you lose belly fat fast. The results are amazing inch loss, firm and tight skin, a slimmer and more contoured body.